Duration – 55 hours

Because teaching using the latest paradigm brings out the best learning results.

Maybe you are an amateur or a professional trainer, no matter. At any time you get out to teach someone, all you need is a proper strategy and adequate tools and practices. We at Captive Edu World provide you access to the same. We train you to train your students in the most convenient and workable fashion. We train you to deliver your training using a whole new pattern.

What’s our strategy?

  • Make trainers overcome learning barriers and encourage practicality among learners.
  • Help trainers create a dynamic environment for training and frame a program for participants to learn continuously.
  • Teach trainers how to make learners keep the information for long run.

Our Module:

Principles of Training process

  • ADDIE – Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation
  • Qualities of a good trainer
  • Research and analysis
  • Session plans and skills demonstration
  • Instruction methods

Delivery & Distribution

  • Measuring trainee achievements
  • Motivation & Attention
  • Games, Simulations & Role-play
  • Location of training & survey
  • Making PDF & online forums

Training Aids

  • Definition and types of training aids
  • Use of data projectors, white boards, hand-outs and audio recorders
  • Dynamic visual module creation

Voice & Accent

  • Accent Neutralization
  • Introduction to Vowel & Consonant sounds
  • Intonation & syllable stress
  • Articulation & Indianism

Trainer Effectiveness,

  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Handling uninvolver & over-involved learners
  • Dress code & body language
  • Personal grooming & etiquette
  • Multiculturalism in training
  • Outdoor-based training

Soft skills

  • Attitude Management
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Managing time & stress
  • Negotiating & Conflict Management
  • Speaking with ease under pressure situation
  • Verbal & Non-verbal communication

Mock sessions

  • D3 – Designing, Development, Delivery
  • Module development on sample topics
  • Practice & Presentation