We are committed to making a sure difference in your life while offering a great learning experience.
If you are a beginner, no matter if you are a house wife or a student, you can start learning English with our FBA (Foundation, Basic, Advanced) training module. The apt course to start with!

Level 1 – Foundation English

In this module, you get to learn about the essentials of English and functional English. This is a 30-hour module with the following steps of learning:

Words and Sentences

  • Vocabulary building & practicing simple sentences
  • Pictionary and visual cues

Grammar Usage

  • The verb ‘TO BE’
  • Interactive grammar structures
  • Using prepositions

Functional English

  • Practicing useful expressions
  • Listening, Reading, Writing
  • Learning opposites, Family tree, Colors

Living in English

  • Dialogues related to daily situations

Tasks and Role play

  • Interactive grammar games
  • Writing and practicing dialogues
  • Developing speaking skills
  • Testing and Evaluation

Level 2 – Basic English

It is a 30-hour training module that teaches you English for the real world along with the interview skills.

Basics of Communication

  • Introduction, vocabulary building and sentence construction

Basic Grammar

  • Everything including noun, pronoun, adjective, verb and tenses
  • Grammar usage

English for the Real World

  • Everyday communication
  • 25 Audio-video lesson plan with real life situation topics

Public Speaking

  • Extempore and group discussion
  • Email and business correspondence
  • Spell check and writing presentation

Personality Development

  • Basic manners and etiquette
  • Building confidence and presentation skills

Job Interview skills

  • Resume writing and formatting
  • Interview question and answers
  • Mock sessions

Level 3 – Advanced English

The third and the final level of the module will teach you how to get out and deal with different personalities in the real world.

Advance Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Types of nouns, adverbs and tenses
  • Idioms
  • Grammar implementation
  • Building powerful vocabulary

Communication skills part – 01

  • Barriers to fluent communication
  • Speaking and listening effectively
  • Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs

Communication skills part – 02

  • Writing skills
  • Reading skills
  • Extempore and group discussion
  • Smart English VS Normal English
  • Testing and Evaluation

Accent Neutralization and Fluency

  • Diction analysis
  • Vowel and consonant sounds
  • Intonation and syllable stress

Personality Development and Public Speaking

  • Killing nervousness and developing confidence
  • Body language and dress code
  • Presentation skills and meeting etiquette
  • Handling stress at work

English for the real world

  • 20 Audio lessons, including
  • 1. Personal communication
    2. Business communication