Duration – 30 hours

And here’s the secret to your success in the Business world!

No matter how smart or intelligent you are, your colleague may still overpower you. Not because he is more intelligent, but owing to his presentation skills and vocabulary, which are probably better than yours to put forward their point clearly and confidently. Good presentation skills are a must in any field to succeed in terms of leaving an impact of the presentation while showing leadership traits.
Experts with Captive Edu World teach you how to make your presentation unique, interesting and effective at the same time. In this module, you will learn how to present yourself while making a difference.

What you will learn?

  • What is communication – Verbal and non-verbal
  • Written communication – Email etiquette and report writing
  • English for the real world – Situation communication and Public speaking
  • Mastering business etiquette – Etiquette meaning and benefits
  • Business dressing – Grooming tips and dressing rules
  • Business meetings – Presenting yourself at informal and formal meetings