Struggling with speaking English as a communication language? Accent Neutralization is the key.

This module offered by Let’s Talk helps you pronounce varied English words correctly. You might have found it difficult to do so for long, no matter how well-versed you are with grammar rules or vocabulary. Opting for Accent Neutralization, you get to eliminate your Indian accent and enhance your neutral accent.

What is Neutral accent?

An accent that is understood by everyone across the world, be it an American, Canadian, British or Australian, is a neutral accent.

Module 1

  • Accent reduction
  • Introduction to vowel and consonant sounds
  • Mouth & jaw relaxation sounds

Module 2

  • Relation of sound with words
  • Intonation pattern & syllable stress
  • Plosive sounds

Module 3

  • Pronunciation practice
  • American slangs
  • Removal of Indianism
  • American culture
  • Mock Practice